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My Running Stitch Sample

I decided to use Running stitch on a project instead of making a flat stitch sample. (I’ll add some variations to my couching sample when I finally can do it. edited in: Or not. But I’ll work them soon.) I blogged this whole project at my main blog (link below) but here’s what I made.

Running Stitch on denimThis little denim bucket is about 6 inches across and made entirely by hand with my embroidery supplies and part of the leg from a worn-out pair of jeans.

There’s a single large cross stitch on each side just for a fun accent.

My finished denim bucket with running stitchThere is no other structure to this bucket besides its own flat fell seam, the stiffness of denim, and the french seam I used to attach the bottom circle. Denim french seams are VERY full of body LOL!

I used non-standard embroidery supplies here! The ribbon is a cheap 1/8″ polyester satin ribbon from a line we know here in the US as Offray Spool o’ Ribbon. I used a chenille needle, and I intentionally let the ribbon twist and bunch for this project. I don’t think I could have made it behave any differently in any case.

Inside and outside; french seam in blue embroidery flossI have a big plastic bag of off-brand and very old embroidery floss I keep meaning to donate to an after school program. I dug into it and used a ca. 1972 skein of light blue J.P. Coats embroidery floss to stitch the not-quite-backstitch seam that enclosed the raw edges of the french seam. You can catch a glimpse of it above.

Note about my not-quite-backstitch: I find that my variation of a hand-stitched seam spreads the strain out over the fabric better than a true backstitch, especially when the seam will see some stretching. I work it like backstitch with one exception: I don’t back up all the way to the previous stitch — the backstitch side looks like a line of short running stitch. Instead of two needle holes per stitch, I make three. I found this out — created it — when having to do some mending for the second time on a camping trip 🙂

Links to my simple running stitch embroidery mentioned above …

Denim Bucket creative details: http://www.2createincolor.com/2013/04/06/a-denim-bucket/

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Stitch of the Week 10: Running Stitch

Take a Stitch on Tuesday, March 19, 2013   Welcome to week 10!

This week’s stitch is Running stitch. Here is the SharonB’s Stitch Dictionary pages with instructions on how to do it.

Here are the running stitch variations that are not future Stitches of the Week. If you like trying out variations, these would be the ones to work because you won’t see them later. (For your convenience, listed here to open in a new window)

Here’s what SharonB wrote for TAST 2012 Week 10: Running Stitch. You can read her instructions and see inspiring examples there.

Please follow her procedure and put a link to your published Running Stitch and their variations pictures in the comments of the latest TAST post here. Just click the post title, and scroll down to the comment section!

Please post the link to your Running Stitch photos in THIS comment section if you also wish to share it here. I post a recap every Monday morning listing every stitch sample linked in for the week.

Of course, I will be putting my TAST 2012 Re-run stitches right here on this blog, because that’s why I started it in the first place 🙂

Happy Stitching!