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Getting Ready to Stitch

I am always up for suggestions for being organized to stitch with success and ease. I know from my failed attempt last year that I need to set myself up differently. I need to stitch in better light, with my (ACK!) reading glasses on, and with my TAST Stitch info nearby for reference.

I can take care of the first two easily — I have one of those flip-up OTT lights (wish I had one of the green colored ones, though!) and I just need to grab my close-up specs each time.

Now that I am using a laptop, I can just pull up the stitch reference page from pintangle.com easily enough. I had been sitting in front of our desktop (bad light, no space, etc) because I didn’t want to be printing out so many pages. Now I am wondering if a hard-copy of the stitch pages wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I am also needing to order some different types of threads. All I have is floss and perle cotton. Tons of floss, but it’s not that convenient to always use floss when one wants cool crazy quilting stitch results! Suggestions of where to start??? (Please! Otherwise I might be tempted to order all colors of every type LOL)

I do have one needlework shop not too out of the way,¬†http://www.shiboridragon.com that used to carry embroidery threads although I don’t find them on their website just now. Hmmm. Does anyone have a favorite online vendor for threads?

OK, so off to gather and organize needles, threads, lamp, and fabrics into a better situation. Suggestions welcome, and don’t hesitate to tell me what works for you!

Happy Stitching!