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Recap Week 7

Well, I haven’t *completed* my Week 7: Detached Chain stitch sample because I’m having a grand time making a creation out of it. Detached chain and chain stitches are two of my favorite go-to stitches, so I am Taking It Further with both of them. You’ll get to see it as one sample for both stitches. I will post it as Week 8: Chain Stitch sample.

I did manage to catch up on the stitches I hadn’t yet done. I posted them just a bit ago. Links below.

Is anybody out there stitching? Add your links to the comments sections of the Stitch of the Week posts so I can see them, too! I haven’t noticed many over at Pintangle… BUT!!

Exciting news — Sharon featured my Cretan Stitch samples in the highlights a couple weeks ago! It looked pretty modest, since the other samples were for stitches 50+ AND by stitchers who put a lot more creativity into their samples! But it was an honor all the same, and this little blog had its busiest day ever ūüôā

Stitch sample links posted here, during this week:(just mine, again)


So let’s see what YOU are up to! Happy Stitching!



Stitch of the Week 4: Cretan Stitch

Take a Stitch on Tuesday, February 5, 2013   Welcome to week 4!

This week’s stitch is Cretan stitch, both Open and Closed versions.¬†Here is the SharonB’s Stitch Dictionary pages with instructions on how to do it.

There is only one other variation of Cretan stitch (Knotted) and we will see that later on in the year.

Here’s what SharonB wrote for TAST 2012 Week 4: Cretan Stitch

Please follow her procedure and put a link to your published Cretan Stitch pictures in the comments of the latest TAST post here. Just click the post title, and scroll down to the comment section!

Also, if you wish, please post the link to your Cretan Stitch photos in this comment section, no matter when you get it done, because if you are following this blog, you’ll have a¬†bonus benefit…

If you miss a stitch but then are able to work it later, go ahead and put your link on the¬†matching¬†Stitch of the Week post.¬†¬†Each week, I will round up ALL NEW stitch LINKS entered at this blog, whether they are from the current stitch or a past one.¬†Yours won’t be lost back there on an old Stitch of the Week post! I will put them up Monday (noon-ish PST) in a¬†weekly recap post, about 12 hours before I put up the Stitch of the Week.

Of course, I will be putting my TAST 2012 Re-run stitches right here on this blog, because that’s why I started it in the first place ūüôā

Happy Stitching!