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My Running Stitch Sample

I decided to use Running stitch on a project instead of making a flat stitch sample. (I’ll add some variations to my couching sample when I finally can do it. edited in: Or not. But I’ll work them soon.) I blogged this whole project at my main blog (link below) but here’s what I made.

Running Stitch on denimThis little denim bucket is about 6 inches across and made entirely by hand with my embroidery supplies and part of the leg from a worn-out pair of jeans.

There’s a single large cross stitch on each side just for a fun accent.

My finished denim bucket with running stitchThere is no other structure to this bucket besides its own flat fell seam, the stiffness of denim, and the french seam I used to attach the bottom circle. Denim french seams are VERY full of body LOL!

I used non-standard embroidery supplies here! The ribbon is a cheap 1/8″ polyester satin ribbon from a line we know here in the US as Offray Spool o’ Ribbon. I used a chenille needle, and I intentionally let the ribbon twist and bunch for this project. I don’t think I could have made it behave any differently in any case.

Inside and outside; french seam in blue embroidery flossI have a big plastic bag of off-brand and very old embroidery floss I keep meaning to donate to an after school program. I dug into it and used a ca. 1972 skein of light blue J.P. Coats embroidery floss to stitch the not-quite-backstitch seam that enclosed the raw edges of the french seam. You can catch a glimpse of it above.

Note about my not-quite-backstitch: I find that my variation of a hand-stitched seam spreads the strain out over the fabric better than a true backstitch, especially when the seam will see some stretching. I work it like backstitch with one exception: I don’t back up all the way to the previous stitch — the backstitch side looks like a line of short running stitch. Instead of two needle holes per stitch, I make three. I found this out — created it — when having to do some mending for the second time on a camping trip 🙂

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