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Antique Embroidery Book Find!

Oooooh, I just had to share this — mostly to record it somewhere I couldn’t lose it LOL!

I was wasting time, entertaining myself by clicking through some of the embroidery books at the Internet Archive website.

I got really thrilled when I paged through this particular book and found all kinds of embroidered borders, motifs, and patterns using almost entirely JUST the stitches covered in the TAST list so far! (stitches 1-10)

The book is titled “An Embroidery Pattern Book” by Mary E Waring. Maybe this is already well known in our stitching world, but it wasn’t to me! I’m thrilled to have found it!

The possibilities for some fresh ideas of stitch combinations for CQ seams and other playful embroideries is endless.

There are lots of things to find to do with Running Stitch, too 🙂

Happy Stitching!



More Threads on Their Way!

This whole online shopping thing… it makes buying things far to easy.

Especially if you have your credit card number memorized 😀 It’s probably a good thing that our bank thinks our account has been compromised every couple of years, and gives us a new number, because it takes me about 18 months to get to the point of always getting the number right.

Lest you think I’m mentally challenged beyond my short-term memory issue, here’s how it goes: at first I don’t care about ordering anything because it’s *harder* without that memorized number, then the urge to buy online makes me get out of my chair and fetch card, then a few months later I start trying to memorize it, and long long long after that I finally get it!

Anyway, I realized after I read Mary Corbet’s blog yesterday that I hadn’t ordered any Floche. She says it’s her favorite thread ever, and I had intended to order some. So, as probably the last order I’ll make with this credit card (a new one is on its way from my (over-vigilant?) bank) I jumped on the last few minutes of Hedgehog Handiworks February sale.

The immediate gratification happens the second you get that “Print this page for your records” receipt and order number. But then you have to wait for the products to be delivered! But then again, you don’t have to get out of your jammies. But you don’t get to see and feel the items you are buying first hand — and for someone as color-aware as I am that’s unsettling. So many items on the pro and con list of shopping online!

I picked a few different colors than my Broder selections. I hope they come soon. I also hope she (the owner) takes pity on me and reduces the shipping cost to actual cost — 10 twists of thread can’t cost $4 to ship, can they? Just throw ’em in an envelope already!

I am declaring the next few hours of my day to be Tuesday — off to stitch!


Double Blogging My Stitching

Did you know this is a secondary blog for me? My daughter and I have a “creative ventures” blog called 2 Create in Color. I love the play on words for the 2Create turning into To Create! Because we do! Our brains function on the creativity channel all the time. We use the blog as a way to prompt ourselves to actually get off our hineys and play with our toys — to act on those creative imaginings.

The reason I opened this blog for my TAST work is because I didn’t want to saturate 2Create with weekly TAST stitch samples. I had planned on only putting my TAST Fabric Journal crazy quilt blocks (which will summarize the previous 4-5 stitches) on there.

But I have yet to start the first block and the second one’s targeted time is coming up. I couldn’t stand the suspense though, and the other day I put up my first 4 stitch samples and ~~sqeeee!~~ my new threads!

Yup, I got my Coton a Broder and 2 skeins of Soie d’Alger from Hedgehog Handiworks in the mail right after I got back from my Arizona vacation! You can see them here in the 2Create post.

Aren’t they pretty????? I did as suggested and just picked colors that caught my eye, plus a few neutrals because every now and then I love a neutral tone-on-tone look.

It’s a good beginning!


Old and Antique Stitching Notions

Beautiful silk threads on show at Mary Corbet’s Needle n’ Thread.  Here’s something to know about me: I’m more fascinated by the labels than the threads!

I love old advertising, unique and old labels, but IESPECIALLY love old sewing notions and related items (like embroidery and yarn crafts) with their original packaging. I can run up quite a bill at a thrifty store or antique/junk store 50 cents and a dollar at a time with this type of thing! And I have done, more than once. My most recent discovery was a handful of crochet instruction booklets with advertising and classifieds from the 50s!

Add to the fact that I recently started doing some collage art, and I want to scan those silk thread labels, print them out, and incorporate them into a collage or 20 🙂

My mother-in-law graciously gifted me her stash of supplies in her sewing bench for my birthday one year. Most of it was 30+ years old and in beautiful condition. It is especially precious because it has family history! A package of snaps for 15 cents, with two missing… a green seam ripper (I’m all about green!)… wooden thread spools with the thread and all the labels attached. Happy me!

I wonder if I could embroider with the silk sewing threads on the wooden spools that are that old? They *look* OK, but…


What Colors to Choose When Stash Building?

One of the things that is becoming a constant conversation in the back of  my mind (yes, I have voices in my head LOL) is which colors of threads to purchase for my CQ and embroidery stockpile. Having just struggled through weeks of indecision about colors of coton a broder to order from Hedgehog Handworks duing their Feb sale, I am hoping that someone can lend me some insight.

I am comng off of years of minimal embroidery with a bin full of all colors of stranded floss. All that floss was purchased by the handfuls on big sales during my cross-stitch years. I wanted to have many colors at those prices, for the convenience. Now, however, I have less of an urge to purchase everything available, plus these other threads are quite a bit more spendy.

I know that I will always reah for colors in my favored personal palette, but should I also have a stock of neutrals? Darks and pales? How much of my new threads should intentionally be out of my comfort zone so that I can create thread work with interest?

Opinions? Advice? It’s all welcome!


Embroidery Supplies on Sale

Just thought you’d like to know about this sale! I am finally going to purchase the coton a broder 25 that I have been planning on, from an amazing online store I have shopped at before (see link below). All month long they are having a sale: 15% off. That’s off everything!

I found out about this through Mary Corbet’s Needle n’Thread, so here’s the link to her post, just go to the bottom of the post and click through to Hedgehog Handiworks from their advertisement block. I like to support my local businesses and my core online websites, and Needle n’ Thread is one of those. Using her link to Hedgehog is one small way to do this, so be a friend!

As far as supporting my local businesses, I tried to go see if Shibori Dragon in Tacoma WA, my nearest needlework store, had coton a broder. I stopped by yesterday. They’re out of business. Sad day.

Where are your favorite places to buy threads? Local? Online? Chain store or boutique?

Happy stitching, and happy shopping! Are you all still out there?


Who’s Working on What?

Are you stitching feather stitch samples, or another stitch? Working on an embroidery project? Possibly working on a non-embroidery project?

I am going to have a grand time feather stitching tomorrow (Saturday) because I haven’t started yet. Tuesday turned into a traveling and coloring-with-colored-pencils day. I spend the last 3 days with my oldest daughter; she’s in that very tired portion of her first trimester of her first pregnancy 🙂 That means, yes, I will be a grandmother this summer.

I think I will be embroidering some baby things once we all know whether it is a boy or a girl. It *is* nice to be able to plan those gender-specific gifts in this era of modern medical science!

But tomorrow, for a few hours, before the Cleaning Up My Toys, Doing Laundry, and Packing phases for my 3 week trip to Arizona to see my other daughter, I will sit, stitch, and be calm. I bought a handful of new colors of size 5 perle cotton today and a white ball of size 12 so I can get familiar with those.

And not to worry about the stitching and the blogging … I have successfully blogged for 5 weeks from the road so far this year. I’m a pro!  Embroidery is one of my favorite go-to travelling projects. I also have some Tunisian crochet to do, some other crocheting and possibly knitting, and using my daughter’s sewing machine to do some fabric projects. Throw in a little cooking, baking, and photography and I am never without a creative outlet.

You can visit me 3 times a week on my main creative blog where I alternate days with my oldest daughter Samantha (the one who is expecting.)  We’re always up to something different. You can see our coloring pages there from last Tuesday!

So, what ARE you up to, creative-wise? Share in the comments!