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Post at Pintangle!

Hi, fellow stitchers!

There’s been a little concern over my little bitty blog in the TAST community. You may or may not have read any of it, but I just want to make sure you have the latest and best practices in place for sharing your stitch samples!

To assure that you can take advantage of all the talent in the TAST community, and see some of the amazing things that are possible with these stitches we are learning, be sure to visit Pintangle and post the link to your stitch sample in the comment section of whatever the current TAST stitch is. You will always find the latest TAST post at this link:  It’s a weekly stitch fest for anyone who puts up pictures of a TAST stitch sample that week!

Then, if you also decide to share that link here, you can put it on that stitch’s corresponding post at this blog. (Check the Stitch of the Week category on the sidebar.)

Remember that my main purpose in having this blog is to keep my place in the list of TAST 2012 stitches, and to have a place separate from my main creativity blog to post my stitch pictures. Sharing with others (YOU!) who are stitching through last year’s stitch list is just a bonus!



Purpose and Goal

Take a Stitch Tuesday is a great way to increase your embroidery skills by working a new stitch each week. Here is where to find the basic explanation.

I dropped out of TAST 2012, when the stitches were offered in a logical order from beginner to more complex. I want to work through them in order, but originally it seemed to me that there wasn’t enough structure for those who want to do a RE-RUN of the TAST 2012 stitch list. TAST 2013 continues into more complex and variations of stitches already learned from this stitch list.

However, I have now come to understand (late January) that ANYONE who wants to share a stitch sample can post their link in the comments section of the most recent TAST post. It’s a weekly stitch fest for everyone!

This blog is where I will keep track of the stitch of the week for myself, and post the photos of my works. Hopefully, others in my same situation, wanting to work through the 2012 list of stitches, will use this blog as a place-keeping tool.

I still would like to be able to focus and share with others who are working the same stitch that I am and they might be hard to find amongst all the other comments at TAST. So if you visit me here, feel free to ALSO add your link in the comments section of the particular stitch you worked.

Welcome to my re-run! Happy stitching! The future awaits!


(updated 1/29/13)