About Gail

Hello, everyone!

I am Gail; I live in western Washington State (USA), also known as “the rainy side of the state.” I blog regularly with my oldest daughter at 2createincolor.com — little, and sometimes big, bits of creativity are an everyday thing for us. (a full profile/bio is over there)

One of the things in the creative world I have long admired and been excited by is Crazy Quilting. I have embroidered for a very long time — since I was about 12 — but haven’t progressed much past a set of comfortable basic stitches.

TAST 2012 came around at *almost* the perfect time: I was ready! I started off well, but the fact that I was near the beginning of what turned out to be 7 months of physical therapy (and meds) for my back got to be too much of an interference and I dropped out in March.

I love a fresh start as much as the next person. Having seen the extremes that other stitchers went to last year, it took me some time to adjust to just how much of a beginner I am, and how modest my samples were. But I’m over it! So let’s begin a stitching adventure! Here’s how I am going to do it!

After all, you can’t get good at something unless you begin, and you practice.

Happy Stitching!



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