Stitch of the Week 16: French Knot

Take a Stitch on Tuesday, April 23, 2013   Welcome to week 16!

This week’s stitch is French knot. Here is the SharonB’s Stitch Dictionary pages with instructions on how to do it.

There are no French Knot variations listed with its instructions, but I know of the Colonial Knot. It is not used in this go-round of TAST, but here are two links to it if you are interested.

Here’s what SharonB wrote for TAST 2012 Week 16: French Knot. You can read her instructions and see inspiring examples there.

Please follow her procedure and put a link to your published French Knot and their variations pictures in the comments of the latest TAST post here. Just click the post title, and scroll down to the comment section!

Please post the link to your French Knot photos in THIS comment section if you also wish to share it here. It doesn’t matter when you get it done. If you list it here, no matter how far in the future from this post, I will bring it some attention in a Monday recap post.

Of course, I will be putting my TAST 2012 Re-run stitches right here on this blog, because that’s why I started it in the first place 🙂

Happy Stitching!



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