My Couching Sample

Couching stitch sample: floss over crewel yarn and unspun cotton fiber

I put this off for a while, knowing I wanted to use the beautiful cotton fibers I was given, but a little intimidated. I worked up my courage and finally got it done!

Couching spiral

A friend/workmate of my daughter who lives in Arizona grew some cotton for a program, and  lucky, lucky me, I was given a whole shopping bag full!!! It has been ginned, but below you can see at least one little cotton seed hung on tight and made it through! I like that.

cotton seed left in my ginned, unspun gift of cotton

The fibers are silky and long — it must be a pima-type of southwest USA cotton fame. I was told, but I have forgotten. I started adding in the cotton near the end: some finger-made strands I found in the top of the bag, and a tiny clump I played with first.

Couching sample: crewel yarn and cotton couched with floss

I couched using DMC flosses in increasingly brilliant pinks and oranges, and couched down some old crewel yarns I had leftover from probably these basket of flowers and apple kits I did when I was about 12.

I worked the yarns all the way down to the last few fibers :)I couched those yarn ends (they were hard to break/shred!) down to the very last fibers 🙂

The background is a polyester special occasion fabric I picked up a remnant of, just for my CQ basket. It is a changeable olive/antique gold.

Couching stitch sample: floss over crewel yarn and unspun cotton fiber

I look forward to doing some more formal couching on CQ blocks, but this has definitely shown me how much fun I could have using couching in my doodle stitching, too!

Happy Stitching!



One thought on “My Couching Sample

  1. kathysnest32

    Your stitching on the stitch is wonderful. Baby Sophia is 8 weeks now and Baby Katie is 6 months.
    We have been so busy. Hopefully we will be home for a while now and I will be able to do some stitching. I did complete the lesson from the crazy quilt and composition class but that is all.
    Please stop by my blog and have a look. Kathleen


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