Antique Embroidery Book Find!

Oooooh, I just had to share this — mostly to record it somewhere I couldn’t lose it LOL!

I was wasting time, entertaining myself by clicking through some of the embroidery books at the Internet Archive website.

I got really thrilled when I paged through this particular book and found all kinds of embroidered borders, motifs, and patterns using almost entirely JUST the stitches covered in the TAST list so far! (stitches 1-10)

The book is titled “An Embroidery Pattern Book” by Mary E Waring. Maybe this is already well known in our stitching world, but it wasn’t to me! I’m thrilled to have found it!

The possibilities for some fresh ideas of stitch combinations for CQ seams and other playful embroideries is endless.

There are lots of things to find to do with Running Stitch, too 🙂

Happy Stitching!



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