My Herringbone Stitch Sample

Pintangle visitors: be sure to see my 17 Chain-stitch Garden 🙂Herringbone Stitch play

In a rare instance of black/white inspiration, I stitched my Herringbone Stitch samples. The black/white didn’t hold through the stitching session — I ended up with pink and green stitches as the basis for my Twisted Lattice Band variation on the left.

Basic Herringbone in wedges.Because I couldn’t draw guidelines on my black fabric with the marking tools I had at hand, I decided to be a free spirit and stitch away! I always get smaller as I work to the right — I’ve overcome it in writing large letters, but not in stitching. Therefore I intentionally made a wedge shaped stitch sample. Twice 🙂

Varied sizes of HerringboneMore playtime, getting used to the rhythm of the stitch. This can easily give a stitcher a cross-stitch effect, something I want to beware of. I used some of my new DMC Coton a Broder for most of the following samples. It looks much smoother and a bit smaller than the size 5 cotton perle (in white and in silver-gray) above.

Layered Herringbone, not the interwoven variation 1See? Smaller to the right in spite of my best intentions. Chalk pencil is being added to my stitching bag! This is not the Double Herringbone Stitch version 1 but it would have been if I had looked ahead on my list. This is merely two layers of Herringbone layered over: perle 5 on the bottom, broder 25 on the top.

In the variation 1, the broder threads heading northeast would pass UNDER the perle threads heading southeast. In two colors, you can definitely see that the stitches are interwoven in a properly done Hb variation 1. Whi-i-i-ch you won’t see here today.

Herringbone space filling trial 1Trying to fill an area of the fabric’s swirl print. I kept snagging through the thread with my needle when coming out of the fabric for later stitches. Something I need to watch out for, for sure! You can see my snaggy mess there in the bottom middle — I didn’t notice it until I was done. This broder thread draws through the fabric so very smoothly; I definitely like it!

Herringbone shape filling 2Another trial of shape filling using the print on the fabric. A little awkward. Must try this with Chevron instead.

Two layers of Herringbone, not an official variationYou see another snagged thread here 😦 But I like this set of layered Herringbone stitches. Lots of “pointy” going on here!

Twisted Lattice Band Herringbone variationHere’s my favorite, even though I didn’t expect it to be. Twisted Lattice Band variation uses the Herringbone variation 1 I described above as being interwoven. You can’t see it under the threaded perle cotton, but I did the pink and green broder herringbone foundation stitches properly 🙂

HB laced-herringbone-collage

And because this was my favorite (could it have to do with the spring-like colors?) I bent my achy back over and took some low-angle shots 🙂

Tip on the lacing: get the tension right the first time; it is really hard to go back and re-distribute the lacing thread.

I didn’t get around to Double Herringbone Stitch version 2, but it is simply layered — not interwoven — with the second layer’s stitches placed so the threads hug the first layer’s crossover points. I’ll remember that, because I like these X-ey stitches layered on top of each other so much.



2 thoughts on “My Herringbone Stitch Sample

  1. Queeniepatch

    I take my hat off! You have made several variations of the stitch and documented the process. By stitching two vedges of the same problematic ‘slope’ you have made a nice design.


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