My Chevron Stitch Samples

Chevron stitch samples for TASTChevron stitch, one of the foundations of CQ for embellishing! I am glad to know it better!

yellow-basicThe basics.

change up the angle...Change up the angles, so one leg is perpendicular to the direction of the stitch row. This makes me think of goosestepping soldiers.

with straight stitchesI added some turqoise straight stitches to the green chevron stitch row. This photo makes it look a bit different. I took it in bright sun and the shadows above the top row end up making it lookec curved up there. In reality, both top and bottom are sharp and angular zig-zags. I can think of plenty of ways to embellish this variation.

knots and couchingThe black stitches don’t show any texture here — sorry for the blobbiness. I blame the sun, but I never hold grudges against the sun. Here in the Pacific Northwest USA we cherish every ray 🙂 Anyway, this was supposed to come off as a wave of knots and couching stitches, but wasn’t very successful. I am not much for couching yet, so I see how this really threw things off. But I think it has potential!

pink-stacked-detailStacked stitches. I’m not sure why the left side looks so wonky! :/ I would draw this out when I do it again. I think it looks argyle-ish. I like it. I want to accent it with a couched lattice overlay in, say, 1 strand of floss to make it look VERY argyle.

chevron varied heightsThis is my favorite, even though the shadows make it look ridiculous! 🙂 The varied heights would be fun to use to set the rhythm for larger accent work.

I like Chevron stitch. I think I have it lodged securely in my head now, so that I can use it instead of just consider it  but then pass on by.

No artsy shots — too many aches and pains to go to the trouble/fun. Please let the weather stabilize for a few days!



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