More Threads on Their Way!

This whole online shopping thing… it makes buying things far to easy.

Especially if you have your credit card number memorized 😀 It’s probably a good thing that our bank thinks our account has been compromised every couple of years, and gives us a new number, because it takes me about 18 months to get to the point of always getting the number right.

Lest you think I’m mentally challenged beyond my short-term memory issue, here’s how it goes: at first I don’t care about ordering anything because it’s *harder* without that memorized number, then the urge to buy online makes me get out of my chair and fetch card, then a few months later I start trying to memorize it, and long long long after that I finally get it!

Anyway, I realized after I read Mary Corbet’s blog yesterday that I hadn’t ordered any Floche. She says it’s her favorite thread ever, and I had intended to order some. So, as probably the last order I’ll make with this credit card (a new one is on its way from my (over-vigilant?) bank) I jumped on the last few minutes of Hedgehog Handiworks February sale.

The immediate gratification happens the second you get that “Print this page for your records” receipt and order number. But then you have to wait for the products to be delivered! But then again, you don’t have to get out of your jammies. But you don’t get to see and feel the items you are buying first hand — and for someone as color-aware as I am that’s unsettling. So many items on the pro and con list of shopping online!

I picked a few different colors than my Broder selections. I hope they come soon. I also hope she (the owner) takes pity on me and reduces the shipping cost to actual cost — 10 twists of thread can’t cost $4 to ship, can they? Just throw ’em in an envelope already!

I am declaring the next few hours of my day to be Tuesday — off to stitch!



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