Double Blogging My Stitching

Did you know this is a secondary blog for me? My daughter and I have a “creative ventures” blog called 2 Create in Color. I love the play on words for the 2Create turning into To Create! Because we do! Our brains function on the creativity channel all the time. We use the blog as a way to prompt ourselves to actually get off our hineys and play with our toys — to act on those creative imaginings.

The reason I opened this blog for my TAST work is because I didn’t want to saturate 2Create with weekly TAST stitch samples. I had planned on only putting my TAST Fabric Journal crazy quilt blocks (which will summarize the previous 4-5 stitches) on there.

But I have yet to start the first block and the second one’s targeted time is coming up. I couldn’t stand the suspense though, and the other day I put up my first 4 stitch samples and ~~sqeeee!~~ my new threads!

Yup, I got my Coton a Broder and 2 skeins of Soie d’Alger from Hedgehog Handiworks in the mail right after I got back from my Arizona vacation! You can see them here in the 2Create post.

Aren’t they pretty????? I did as suggested and just picked colors that caught my eye, plus a few neutrals because every now and then I love a neutral tone-on-tone look.

It’s a good beginning!



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