Old and Antique Stitching Notions

Beautiful silk threads on show at Mary Corbet’s Needle n’ Thread.  Here’s something to know about me: I’m more fascinated by the labels than the threads!

I love old advertising, unique and old labels, but IESPECIALLY love old sewing notions and related items (like embroidery and yarn crafts) with their original packaging. I can run up quite a bill at a thrifty store or antique/junk store 50 cents and a dollar at a time with this type of thing! And I have done, more than once. My most recent discovery was a handful of crochet instruction booklets with advertising and classifieds from the 50s!

Add to the fact that I recently started doing some collage art, and I want to scan those silk thread labels, print them out, and incorporate them into a collage or 20 🙂

My mother-in-law graciously gifted me her stash of supplies in her sewing bench for my birthday one year. Most of it was 30+ years old and in beautiful condition. It is especially precious because it has family history! A package of snaps for 15 cents, with two missing… a green seam ripper (I’m all about green!)… wooden thread spools with the thread and all the labels attached. Happy me!

I wonder if I could embroider with the silk sewing threads on the wooden spools that are that old? They *look* OK, but…



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