What Colors to Choose When Stash Building?

One of the things that is becoming a constant conversation in the back of  my mind (yes, I have voices in my head LOL) is which colors of threads to purchase for my CQ and embroidery stockpile. Having just struggled through weeks of indecision about colors of coton a broder to order from Hedgehog Handworks duing their Feb sale, I am hoping that someone can lend me some insight.

I am comng off of years of minimal embroidery with a bin full of all colors of stranded floss. All that floss was purchased by the handfuls on big sales during my cross-stitch years. I wanted to have many colors at those prices, for the convenience. Now, however, I have less of an urge to purchase everything available, plus these other threads are quite a bit more spendy.

I know that I will always reah for colors in my favored personal palette, but should I also have a stock of neutrals? Darks and pales? How much of my new threads should intentionally be out of my comfort zone so that I can create thread work with interest?

Opinions? Advice? It’s all welcome!



2 thoughts on “What Colors to Choose When Stash Building?

  1. kathysnest32

    I was once told, buy what you like and you won’t go wrong. This is so true. If you buy what you like than you will enjoy working with the colors. In my stash I have more greens than anything else. My problem now is that when I look at threads I can not remember what I have in my stach anymore. I have been collecting for years and years.
    My sewing has been slow. I am having trouble with my wrist on my sewing hand. It is difficult for me to sew when it hurts. It has been taking me an entire day just to sew one seam. Never mind after I have surgery my sewing time will increase. Enjoy looking at your sewing, It has been 4 weeks. Can not wait to see your block. XX Kathleen

  2. gailllc Post author

    Thanks for the encouragement on making a block! I might wait until I get back home to start my CQ block stitch sampler. Depends on how sewing up some skirts for my daughter Becca goes. There’s only so much time in a day, darn it! –G


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