My Cretan Stitch Samples


My set of Cretan Stitch samples (week 4.) Yes, I am a stitch behind! I am on vacation, so I think I’m doing pretty well 😉

IMG_9487I started off with a line of basic Cretan stitch. Then, remembering something from the Pintangle info, I decided to fill a shape. I wanted to see how different placement of the stitches affected the look of the ridge that ran down the middle.

I also wanted to play with working stitches along radial lines. You can see my chosen center points (dots with the purple pen) in the pictures below.

Cretan-S-curve-collageTo keep the unique angular look of Cretan stitch, you can’t bring the needle out of the fabric too close to the centerline — there has to be some offset between the ends of the stitches on one side and the ends of the stitches on the other… that might not make sense to somebody else 😉 but at least it will be a good reminder to me.

IMG_9491After stitching my curvy shape, I realized that my basic stitch needed — wanted — a second layer. I like the way one strand of brassy-colored floss looks on top of the size 5 perle cotton. What bugs me about having the Cretan stitch so flattened out is that it looks like a sewing machine zig-zag with bad tension settings.

IMG_9505This is my favorite sample. I love how this nests and goes completely geometric! It also makes me want to grab a narrow ribbon and tuck it under the center. I can see myself couching with this 2-row technique.

IMG_9501Playing with some tone on tone color choices. A slightly bluer green for the under layer, then a green the same hue as the fabric, but more saturated, on top with longer arms and offset.

Being in a hotel room, taking these photos, it’s hard to get them to show the color the way I want even using Photoshop. This looks way cooler in person 🙂

IMG_9511A bit of erratic EKG Cretan stitching to fill in the space. This could be useful!

I picked up this piece of fabric at a closeout-lots fabric store. It is a home decor fabric with a thin sprayed-on foam backing. Luckily it didn’t grab the needle too much. $5.99/yd. I’ll be using it for more than stitching samples but it was nice to add some variety to what I brought with me.



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