My Feather Stitch Samples

Feather Stitch TAST 2012 Week 4

Of all the stitches I want to master, Feather Stitch is the most confusing to me. I’m not sure exactly why. When I sit down with needle and thread to do the samples, it comes together nicely; I just have to concentrate on the mechanics. Obviously I just need more practice! I made myself keep going on this sample for that reason.

Basic Feather stitch in DMC perle 5

First I worked the larger version here, with guidelines. Then since I had thread left on the needle, I came back the other way and tried some without guidelines. When I started trying the doubled stitches and running out of thread at the same time, I knew it was time to get serious about the variations!

Doubled Feather stitch in DMC perle 5.

The red stitching is doubled feather stitch (does it actually have a special name when you do this?) with the second stitch’s needle holes lining up directly below (to the left, here) the first stitch’s — the needle holes all fall on the guidelines. The lavender stitching has the doubled stitch’s needle holes aligning with the angles of the previous stitches — they don’t fall on the guidelines but are shifted outward.

I think they each have a distinct look. I will be glad to have this sample to refer to.

Paisley play with feather stitch, french knots, and straight stitches

I am going to assume you can see my disappearing pen line outlining a paisley shape. I love paisleys! I wanted to see what I could do using feather stitch to fill a shape. I examined some of the 2012 Feather stitch samples by both Sharon and the TAST stitchers and saw how they connected bands of the stitch together. I think this worked well! If I had continued to be ambitious with this, I would have used some buttonhole bars to scallop around the perimeter. But that’s for another day.

Closed Feather stitch. I don't like the thicker threads here.

I’m uploading a couple pictures of the Closed Feather Stitch checkerboard I attempted. I don’t like it at all, but for the sake of completeness (and maybe to help another beginning stitcher) I am including it. The largest thread — size 3 perle, solid gold — was very hard to control tension-wise even though I was using a large enough needle. Plus it was the first I tried and was still figuring out the spacing etc.

from another angle:

same Closed Feather Stitch sample from another angle

Next I moved on to a (variegated) size 5 perle cotton. It was easier to pull through the fabric but I seemed to have even more trouble with the spacing and tension — it is so uneven!

Lastly I grabbed two strands of floss and worked the last two spaces in my checkerboard. I like this one the best because it lays flatter and keeps itself more normal! Lessons learned!

Feather stitch sample, upside down. Looks very different to me.

Feather stitch looks so different upside down. I am stitching on 100% silk dupioni. I have quite a collection of small yardage cuts purchased at 50% or more discount over the last few years just for my “I’m gonna be a crazy quilter!” dream. I thought I’d better start getting some experience with it 🙂

Last, as usual, a camera-play shot… but you can also see what I was trying to explain about the placement of the second stitch of each pair (red, purple).

Feather stitch samples, playing with DOF on my camera

I picked up a handful of new colors of size 5 perle cotton this week at 25% off. I’m rapidly growing addicted to NOT stitching with stranded cotton!



8 thoughts on “My Feather Stitch Samples

  1. gailllc Post author

    Thanks, Kathleen! I will do a CQ block for every 4-5 stitches. I am vacationing through the end of the month so I’m not sure when I’ll get started on the first one. But I found 50 cent skeins of DMC perle cotton size 5 today — a basket of discontinued colors at a local shop! Bought a large handful!

    1. gailllc Post author

      LOL Not this time! I am visiting my daughter in Arizona. Trying to get some sun and heat, but today is cold, windy, and 60% chance of rain — I could stay home for that 😉 Doing my Cretan Stitching today!

  2. kathysnest32

    It is bright and sunny here. Right now it is 92 with no humidity, so it doe not feel that hot. It is beautiful. Really you should come here instead of Arizona. How long will you be gone and are you going to keep up with the stitches? XX Kathleen


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