Embroidery Supplies on Sale

Just thought you’d like to know about this sale! I am finally going to purchase the coton a broder 25 that I have been planning on, from an amazing online store I have shopped at before (see link below). All month long they are having a sale: 15% off. That’s off everything!

I found out about this through Mary Corbet’s Needle n’Thread, so here’s the link to her post, just go to the bottom of the post and click through to Hedgehog Handiworks from their advertisement block. I like to support my local businesses and my core online websites, and Needle n’ Thread is one of those. Using her link to Hedgehog is one small way to do this, so be a friend!

As far as supporting my local businesses, I tried to go see if Shibori Dragon in Tacoma WA, my nearest needlework store, had coton a broder. I stopped by yesterday. They’re out of business. Sad day.

Where are your favorite places to buy threads? Local? Online? Chain store or boutique?

Happy stitching, and happy shopping! Are you all still out there?



5 thoughts on “Embroidery Supplies on Sale

  1. Susan Low

    I am doing thread painting to get into the knack of different stitches. I find that I enjoy stitching something like animals, fish, birds, flowers, etc instead of rows of different embroidery stitches. The finished design makes it more motivating for me to continue learning different embroidery stitches.

    1. gailllc Post author

      Susan, do you have any examples of this thread painting play online somewhere?

      I am so glad you posted a comment here, because this sale had totally dropped off my radar. I’m looking forward to 3 or so hours on my own and I now know how I must spend part of it — and some $$ 😉 –Gail

    2. Susan Low

      If you google Berlin Embroidery Designs and go to Thread Painting or Needle Painting, there is a list of different kinds of designs. I am doing Burrowing Owl since it is a beginner level kit. Trish Burr also has a website of Woodland Animals Thread Painting designs. I am leaning toward the mouse sleeping underneath a tree on a stocking kit.

    3. gailllc Post author

      I just visited the Arizona Desert Sonora Museum but unfortunately didn’t see a burrowing owl in the b. owl exhibit today! I tried a thread painting kit years ago before I realized what I was getting into. I might still own it, but I likely gave it away — not a lot of instant gratification to be had with thread painting! I am glad there are people who do it, however — I like to wow my family by showing them pictures 😉

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