Who’s Working on What?

Are you stitching feather stitch samples, or another stitch? Working on an embroidery project? Possibly working on a non-embroidery project?

I am going to have a grand time feather stitching tomorrow (Saturday) because I haven’t started yet. Tuesday turned into a traveling and coloring-with-colored-pencils day. I spend the last 3 days with my oldest daughter; she’s in that very tired portion of her first trimester of her first pregnancy 🙂 That means, yes, I will be a grandmother this summer.

I think I will be embroidering some baby things once we all know whether it is a boy or a girl. It *is* nice to be able to plan those gender-specific gifts in this era of modern medical science!

But tomorrow, for a few hours, before the Cleaning Up My Toys, Doing Laundry, and Packing phases for my 3 week trip to Arizona to see my other daughter, I will sit, stitch, and be calm. I bought a handful of new colors of size 5 perle cotton today and a white ball of size 12 so I can get familiar with those.

And not to worry about the stitching and the blogging … I have successfully blogged for 5 weeks from the road so far this year. I’m a pro!  Embroidery is one of my favorite go-to travelling projects. I also have some Tunisian crochet to do, some other crocheting and possibly knitting, and using my daughter’s sewing machine to do some fabric projects. Throw in a little cooking, baking, and photography and I am never without a creative outlet.

You can visit me 3 times a week on my main creative blog 2createincolor.com where I alternate days with my oldest daughter Samantha (the one who is expecting.)  We’re always up to something different. You can see our coloring pages there from last Tuesday!

So, what ARE you up to, creative-wise? Share in the comments!



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