My Buttonhole Stitch Samples

Buttonhole stitch samples, week 2 TAST re-run

Well, here they are… I did all the variations listed in the Buttonhole Stitch of the Week post. I am pretty familiar with this stitch as I have done many handworked buttonholes. But the variations — as they should — have so much potential!

Basic Buttonhole stitch

Buttonhole stitch — basic (4 strands floss)

Barb stitch -- 2 lines of buttonhole offset, then whipped.

Barb stitch — size 5 perle cotton. Getting the spacing of the 2nd foundation row to look halfway along the 1st foundation row means having to place the stitches off-center slightly. I think whipping with something larger/fluffier would end up looking nicer.

Berwick stitch -- knotted. Also Buttonhole bar

Berwick stitch — (green) floss. Subtle, but stable and interesting. (Buttonhole bar also below)

Closed buttonhole, edge

Closed Buttonhole — floss. Spacing and angle accuracy is critical! Ack.

Rosette of Thorns, top view

Rosette of Thorns -- buttonhole stitches clustered, edge view

Rosette of Thorns — size 3 perle cotton. I like this one, but that final stitch of each cluster looks awkward.

Buttonhole Bars. Also Closed Buttonhole (ivory) and Berwick (green)

Buttonhole bar — size 5 perle cotton. Trying to figure out why I would ever use this in CQ? (also pictured above with Berwick stitch)

Detached Buttonhole, first try and it shows!

Ummm, no. I will be better at this next time. I will.

Detached Buttonhole — size 5 perle. Obviously I had some issues with this one! Did not work a 2nd sample after all, but I can see that I crowded too many stitches onto the foundation, and pulled everything too tight at the start. Lesson learned!

And because I like to play with my camera and Photoshop, some artsy shots 🙂

Barb stitch, DOF play

Buttonhole bar and Berwick, DOF play

Happy Stitching! Week 3 is coming up!



3 thoughts on “My Buttonhole Stitch Samples

  1. kathysnest32

    Gail, there are beautiful flowers to make with the button hole bar.
    Imagine them in a circle extending from the center with a few beads or french knots in the middle.
    Make green ones and use then as leaves under flower petals. Yummy. the texture would be beautiful. Are you going to add a few beads or other stitches in your samples to make samples for seam treatments? XX Kathleen

    1. Gail

      Beads … I’ll force myself to tread that territory when I make my CQ block containing the month’s worth of stitches (which will go into my TAST fabric journal.) I have some pretty ones and lots of ordinary ones because I do some jewelry-making, too. I’ll also be using buttons, lace, ribbon, and trim from my random collection of “can’t live without this” purchases!

      I do recall seeing buttonhole bars used for flowers now that you mention it. Thanks for the reminder!

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