Recap Week 1

Here it is, our first weekly recap! What’s it for, you may ask? I will tell you 🙂

I will list all links to any stitch samples that were added during the previous week at this blog, every Monday around noon. The main reason I am doing this is for the stitchers who may have delays in getting their Stitch of the Week samples worked, photographed, and uploaded to the internet. I encourage you to add your link in the comments section of that particular Stitch of the Week even if it is “late” or you joined in the fun after this challenge had begun. 

Everyone will know that new links have been added to past stitches because I will re-post them here. We all deserve some feedback and applause, so click through, leave comments, enjoy the creativity!

New stitch sample links Jan 15 through today (all Fly Stitch, obviously)

and my own Fly Stitch samples for this week.

Check out the featured 2012 stitchers of Fly Stitch — wow!!

Newest Stitch of the Week — #2 — coming up in 12 hours!!



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