What Are YOU Stitching On?

4 days until we start! My fingers are itchin’ to stitch!

KathyR brought up a good topic yesterday. What are you stitching on? What is your format for your samples and projects? (KathyR, please tell your method again in the comments, if you wouldn’t mind taking the time.)

Are you an even-weave fabric stitcher when you first try a stitch. I am. I am a measuring perfectionist so that really helps me get a feel for the rhythm and spacing of a stitch. What do you plan on using for those first tries?

Then, how far are you going to take the stitch? How much experimenting with variations, spacing, threads, etc, are you planning on? Will you end up actually using it on a project right then — meaning, do you have a TAST project that you will be working on?

How I began TAST 2012

I want to learn these stitches for Crazy Quilting. Last year when I started, I did two months like this: 4 weeks of stitches on one piece of even weave fabric (colors geared to what would make me happy for that month/season) and then my plan was to combine that with a CQ block where I embellished with those 4 stitches. Never did the blocks, just the stitch samples. It was going to be a TAST Fabric Journal. I still want to do it that way. Now I realize — I am *always* late in realizing this! — that there is a certain amount of prep work that needs to happen. No kidding, right? πŸ˜‰

Please share in the comments what your approach is. I think that seeing new and different ideas may help all of us find just the right method.

Thanks! Gail


4 thoughts on “What Are YOU Stitching On?

  1. kathysnest32

    My idea last year was to cut fabric the size of my big ruler. It is 6 1/2 by 24 inches. I iron an iron on facing/stabilizer onto the back. I feel when I embroider on cotton, it needs to have a little extra stabilizer on it.
    At the bottom I write the name of the stitch, because I poke holes at the top. In the two holes I place a large something, Ill put a pic on my blog, to hold the samples together.
    Than I stitch the stitch on this material.
    Next I stitch the stitch on the material again and embellish the stitch.
    This stretches me to come up with ideas on how to use the stitch in cq.
    I then use this sample to look at for future reference when I cq.

    There are pictures of this on my blog http://kathysnest32.wordpress.com/
    to get to the right pictures click on create a stitch record under the Category Cloud

  2. susan

    Hi Gail.. i too will be starting tast over.. i lasted until March last year .. life happened and I put my stitching down for a bit. I like to stitch on cotton i like to put a layerof batting under it to give it some solidness. i have used linens and aida for counted crosstitch and enjoy the lack of rules of TAST.

    1. gailllc Post author

      Looks like there are plenty of us doing TAST over, again, or that have had a false start πŸ™‚ How thick of batting do you use underneath your stitching?

      And OOPS! I posted 3 rules yesterday! I hope that won’t scare you away! They’re more along the lines of encouragement, not restriction, but for something like this I think we can all have permission to make our own rules πŸ™‚

      I’m currently packing away my 1000 Christmas tree ornaments (estimated — maybe I should actually count them!) and then I am going to get my Tuesday Stitching Spot all set up here. I am so looking forward to this, especially now that I am familiar with the process.


  3. susan

    rules do not scare me.. i ignore the ones I do not like. the battling is very thin.. usually left overs from the quilts I fiddle with . I like to do free motion quilting on my sewing machine. You can see my TAST stuff and a few other pieces I posted at stitchinfingers.ning.com/profile/SusanMcGowan


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