Purpose and Goal

Take a Stitch Tuesday is a great way to increase your embroidery skills by working a new stitch each week. Here is where to find the basic explanation.

I dropped out of TAST 2012, when the stitches were offered in a logical order from beginner to more complex. I want to work through them in order, but originally it seemed to me that there wasn’t enough structure for those who want to do a RE-RUN of the TAST 2012 stitch list. TAST 2013 continues into more complex and variations of stitches already learned from this stitch list.

However, I have now come to understand (late January) that ANYONE who wants to share a stitch sample can post their link in the comments section of the most recent TAST post. It’s a weekly stitch fest for everyone!

This blog is where I will keep track of the stitch of the week for myself, and post the photos of my works. Hopefully, others in my same situation, wanting to work through the 2012 list of stitches, will use this blog as a place-keeping tool.

I still would like to be able to focus and share with others who are working the same stitch that I am and they might be hard to find amongst all the other comments at TAST. So if you visit me here, feel free to ALSO add your link in the comments section of the particular stitch you worked.

Welcome to my re-run! Happy stitching! The future awaits!


(updated 1/29/13)

12 thoughts on “Purpose and Goal

  1. Barbara Hagerty

    Gail, I think this is a fantastic idea, and I applaud you for doing it! I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up, but I’m really going to try! Life got in the way very early last year as I was working on the second stitch. I always planned to go back to that second stitch and work my way through without pressure, but it never happened. Hopefully, I’m in it with you all the way!

    1. gailllc Post author

      YAY! That’s what happened to me, too — health issues! One of the things I want to do is keep people’s newest offering that are on past stitches, available — I’m working on an elegant way to do that. (if you have to miss a week, but are working on catching up, you still deserve applause in the Now!)

  2. kathysnest32

    Gail, I enjoy crazy quilting. My goal is to use the stitches incorporating them somehow into crazy quilting stitch designs.
    Kathleen in Nelson Bay, Australia

    1. gailllc Post author

      Kathleen, I *want to* enjoy crazy quilting, but my limited stitch repertoire (the ones I can work without thinking) is holding me back big time! Can’t wait to see your work! I friend-requested you at stitchin’ fingers — my first time 🙂

    2. kathysnest32

      Gail I have accepted your friend request. Don’t know much about how the friend thing works but I think I am going to learn. Maybe I can help you along with crazy quilting. This is exciting. It will be lots of fun and no stress. I don’t believe in stress. Enjoy it or don’t do it. Happy Stitching, Kathleen

    3. gailllc Post author

      I don’t know much about it either, but it looks like we can figure some of it out together 🙂 I have an attitude about guilt similar to yours about stress: Take care of it or let it go. No guilt, no stress here! Keep a positive attitude and always look forward to stitching!

  3. Sarah T

    Thank you very much for being so organized with all the stitches etc. I’m looking forward to trying all these stitches. I hope that I can catch up to this years TAST group…just need to get myself started and your new site will be a great help.

    1. gailllc Post author

      You’re welcome, Sarah, and thank you. I am glad you are finding it helpful — so far at least! Look for the Stitch of the Week posts late on Monday evenings, or Tuesday mornings depending on where you are. You can always check the Stitch of the Week page, too.

  4. Linda Pouliot

    Count me in…I want to start at the beginning…I think I want to do samples and then start a sampler and also a small crazy quilt…That way I have the stitches to refer to in my framed picture and also can see how my crazy quilt comes out…I will try to keep up but not give up !!!!

  5. Susan

    Thanks for doing it this way. I kept going round and round on the TAST website. Going from easiest to hardest seems like a good idea to me too.

    Diving in,
    Susan in Texas

    Could you possibly post the dates more prominently; I’m not entirely sure when this week actually starts and ends.

    1. gailllc Post author

      Sure, Susan, that’s not a bad idea at all. Generally, a stitch-week is going to be from Tuesday through the following Monday. I live in western Washington State so I am on Pacific time — I will usually put the stitch up late Monday night for the early risers and people in earlier time zones. –Gail

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